10DLC Campaign creation checklist


10DLC registration is a compliance framework that ensures that mobile operators know who is originating text messages from business phone numbers and for what purpose. Mobile operators also want to know how businesses are gathering permission (consent) from consumers before they text them. The 10DLC registration requires Zoom customers to provide very specific information for mobile carrier’s review.

Below is a checklist that we recommend Zoom customers follow in order to ensure that their campaigns are approved. You can also use this checklist to make corrections if your campaign has been rejected.

      Campaign Name: Ensure the campaign name contains the name of your organization. A good campaign name example is {company name} phone campaign or {company name} contact center campaign

      Campaign Description: Ensure that you provide a detailed description for what your campaign does. The Zoom 10DLC registration wizard provides three examples of campaign descriptions for reference. Please ensure that you have provided sufficient detail and described exactly what you use SMS for.

      Campaign type: Select the applicable option from the dropdown menu.


Opt-in to SMS Messaging: in this section, ensure that you select how you are getting permission from end customers to message them. You must clearly specify this in the description. There are several examples that the registration wizard provides for reference. Multiple options can be selected.

Note: If you are not using your website to collect phone numbers via a Contact us form or a similar form, you need to explicitly state this in the description of your chosen Opt-in mechanism. The website in question, is the website you provided at the time of registering your Brand. For example, if you select your Opt-in mechanism as Verbal, and you are not using your website to collect phone numbers, please add "Our website is not used to collect consumer opt-in for this 10DLC campaign".

      I have selected all applicable Opt in options and provided details.


Website updates: Your online presence is a key part of campaign vetting by carriers. This is the website you provided at the time of your Brand registration. Ensure that the following are in place.

      If you have a “Contact Us” form on your website which captures phone numbers as a mandatory field, you must add the following disclaimer clearly under the Contact Us webform

“By providing a telephone number and submitting the form you are consenting to be contacted by SMS text message. Message & data rates may apply. Reply STOP to opt out of further messaging.”
Note: This step can be skipped if you are not collecting phone numbers via the web forms on your Brand website.

      If you have a “Contact Us” form on your website which captures phone numbers, you can also make it a non-mandatory field. In this case, if a customer voluntarily provides you with a phone number, it is considered as their consent.

      Ensure that your website has a privacy policy section

      Ensure that your privacy policy clearly states that the phone numbers you collect and the consent you received will not be shared with 3rd party providers.

      If your privacy policy does mention that you share data with third parties, you must make a carve out/exclusion for sharing phone numbers and opt-in consent that you collect from your consumers. Please ensure your privacy policy is amended to reflect this before campaign submission

Note: Consent cannot be passed on to third parties, meaning, consent granted to Bob’s bait shop to send text messages cannot be re-used by Charlie’s car shop. An example of a carve-out is provided below but please consult your legal advisor to make amendments to your privacy reflecting this change: No mobile information will be shared with third parties/affiliates for marketing/promotional purposes. All other categories exclude text messaging originator opt-in data and consent; this information will not be shared with any third parties


Opt-in, Opt-out and Help keywords and messages: Zoom will auto-populate these fields with industry best practice expectations. The enforceability of these options is under your control as a customer and can be set by you as the administrator. Please refer to this article for more details.

      URL Links: If you are planning to send URL links, select this option as “yes”. It defaults to “No”

      Age Gated Content: If you are planning to send content aimed at adults, please select this option as “yes”

      Lending or loan arrangements: If you are a business that deals with any kind of financing, lending, or loans, please select this option as “Yes”. The campaign will be rejected if this option is not selected.


Sample Messages: These sample messages are reviewed by carriers and you must provide good examples. Many campaigns are rejected because sample messages are not provided correctly.

      Ensure that the name of your organization (Brand) is a part of the sample message. Please see reference examples from Zoom

      Ensure that you have more than one sample message


Final review: Ensure that you have entered all the information correctly and accurately. Mistakes can lead to rejection of campaigns and you will need to restart the process.

      I have fully reviewed the campaign details.


Rejections: If your campaign was rejected after review, please refer to the below list for the most common rejection reasons and their remediation:

Sr No.Rejection NoteResolution
1The web/online presence is missing a privacy policyYour brand website does not have a privacy policy section. Please add this to your website and resubmit
2Please update PP to indicate personal information will not be shared with third partiesPP stands for Privacy Policy. In this case the privacy policy on your website states that you are sharing phone numbers information with third parties and/or affiliates for marketing purposes. Please add the privacy policy "carveout" provided in the website updates section of the checklist to your privacy policy
3Please provide more detailed sample messagesThe sample messages provided are not good enough. Please ensure you include your brand name in your sample messages and include Reply Stop to cancel. Follow the examples provided in the registration wizard in the admin web portal

Please note specifically in the CTA that opt-in will not be done via the webform and reinforce where opt-in occurs

In your selected Opt in mechanism, please mention explicitly that your website will not be used to collect opt in. Refer to Opt in to SMS Messaging section of the checklist
5Tax ID does not match Brand with company name or Brand NameRequest manual vetting of your brand with the Zoom Support representative
6Missing SMS disclosures/disclaimersYou have a web form on your brand website that collects phone numbers but is missing the disclosure provided in the Website Updates section of the checklist. Add this to the form and resubmit.
7Please provide a more detailed Call to Action/Message flowYou have not provided enough details in your Opt-in to SMS Messaging section. You must explain how you are collecting Opt in clearly and in detail. Otherwise, the campaign will be rejected. Refer to examples in the registration wizard
8Submitted brand name is different than the brand name identified in the sample messages. Please resubmit as one brandYou created a Brand with one name and you have used a different Brand name in the sample messages. Both of them should match, otherwise the campaign will be rejected.
9Brand URL is blocked for Phishing linksThe carrier was not able to access the website that you have provided at the time of Brand registration and/or the URL is considered as a malware propagating website. Update your website, make it secure with SSL and resubmit the campaign. Ensure that it is accessible for a third party
10Please include all methods for Consumer opt in in the Call to Action and resubmitYou have not selected all consumer opt-in methods. You are probably collecting opt-in through more channels beyond Verbal opt in but have not selected the option and provided details as a part of campaign registration.

A campaign can be rejected for many other reasons. A comprehensive list of rejection reasons can be found in the support Commonly encountered TCR errors and SMS content restrictions article.