Using the Marketplace API Dashboard

Zoom admins wanting to monitor their account’s API usage, either for usage trends or troubleshooting failed API calls, can view these details in the Marketplace API Dashboard. This dashboard provides details of average and median usage of the various API rate limit types (light, medium, heavy, resource-intensive), as well as details on individual API calls made in your account.

Admins can also see more detailed information about overall Marketplace App usage, including details on most popular apps and those already approved and added in their account. Learn more about the App Dashboard for admins.

This article covers: 

Prerequisites for using the API Dashboard

Note: This dashboard is currently in public Beta except for users in the Singapore cluster. 

How to access the API Dashboard

  1. Sign in to the Zoom App Marketplace as the account owner or admin.
  2. In the top-right corner, click Manage.
  3. Under the Admin App Management section, click API Dashboard.
    The details for your account’s API usage are displayed below.
  4. (Optional) In the top-right corner, click the dropdown menu to select between the Last 7 days, Last 14 days, or Last 30 days of data to be summarized.
  5. (Optional) Click Export to download a CSV file of the API used on your account for the selected time span.

Understanding account rate limits

For each of the API types, light, medium, heavy, and resource-intensive, the average usage of that API type for the time span selected is given as a percentage of your account’s usage of that API type for the month. This means if the Light API category shows 50% for the past 30 days, then the average usage of the past 30 days of API calls has been roughly 50% of how many light API calls your account can make. Learn more about API rate limits.

Additionally, the median number of requests/second is provided for each API type, providing additional context for the average provided above.

Note: Any rate limit categories without data simply mean that no API calls of that type were used by your account in the specified time span.

View API calls made by your account

Under the APIs on your account section, a list of all API calls made by apps and integrations on your Zoom account are shown. Each row contains the name of the API call, the Zoom product this works with, the number of API calls made in the specified time span, number of failed API calls, API limit type, and your account’s rate limit for that API limit type.

Click  Filter to narrow the displayed API calls by either rate limit type or Zoom products the API call works with.

Click on any API call to get more detailed information on that particular API’s usage, fail rate, and exportable list of API call logs.