VDI release cycle FAQ

Starting with version 5.16.10, Zoom will be changing the frequency of scheduled VDI releases to a quarterly release schedule.

As of December 2023, VDI will release one scheduled version per release branch, a 5.X.10 release. This release contains all the VDI-supported features for that entire release branch of the main desktop client, including new features, enhancements, and bug fixes from the main desktop client’s 5.X.0 and 5.X.5 releases.

Additional releases outside of these scheduled releases (5.X.11, 5.X.12, etc.) are typically considered extension patch (EP) releases. These releases will remain on the same release branch and generally include only additional bug fixes, fixes to compatibility issues with virtual environments, and security enhancements found in that branch. This allows accounts with intensive testing and review processes to avoid having to start or restart a review process in order to resolve current issues and vulnerabilities. These releases are noted as (EP) releases in VDI release notes and VDI Downloads page.

Why is the VDI release cycle changing?

Zoom listened carefully to our customers before deciding to change our release process for VDI clients. Our customers stressed how important it was to provide extension patch (EP) releases for older versions due to extensive customer testing cycles for VDI environments. Additionally, Zoom frequently heard that client releases with new features were not required as often for the VDI platforms versus the desktop environments. Because of this feedback and other considerations, the decision was made to pick the 5.X.10 release to deliver all of the new features developed since the previous release and commit to patching the two previous releases (as needed).

Are releases of both the VDI client and plugin both affected?

Yes, both the VDI clients and plugins will be moving to the quarterly release cadence.

How long can we expect EP releases to be provided for each release branch?

In addition to each quarterly release, VDI customers can expect EP releases for up to 6 months after each quarterly release to address bug fixes, compatibility issues, and potential security vulnerabilities. While Zoom will provide EP releases during this 6-month period as needed, there is no expected number or frequency of releases. Zoom also reserves the right to release additional releases, as needed, to address any urgent customer issues.

For example, the 5.16.10 release, currently expected to be released in late November 2023, may have EP releases for the 5.16.X branch until roughly May 2024. At that point, this release branch will no longer receive additional EP releases, but will continue to be functional until that version is eventually caught by a quarterly minimum version enforcement.

Will there be any effect on the VDI lifecycle and minimum version enforcements?

No, VDI will continue to have lifecycle enforcements on a quarterly basis, remaining consistent with other Zoom software enforcements.

Learn more about Zoom’s Quarterly Lifecycle Policy.

Will patch releases have the same lifespan as the scheduled release?

Because these EP updates can be developed and released months after the scheduled release of that branch, Zoom cannot reasonably continue supporting these branches longer than already expected. As such, EP updates will generally have the same lifecycle as the scheduled release they are based on. For example, a 5.X.13 patch, released 5 months after the 5.X.10 release, would be affected by the same lifecycle enforcement as the 5.X.10 version, even though it had only been available for 3 months.