Managing Zoom Events admin role settings in the Zoom web portal

Account owners and admins can view and control Zoom Events-related settings in both the web portal and within Zoom Events by using role management. Under Role Settings, account owners and admins can change the permissions and scope for Zoom Events that are assigned to a role at any time.

Learn more about getting started as a Zoom Events admin and using role management.

Prerequisites for managing Zoom Events admin role settings in the Zoom web portal

How to define admin role permissions for Zoom Events

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an admin with the privilege to edit account settings.
  2. Add an admin role with initial permissions or edit permissions for an existing admin role.
  3. Click the Role Settings tab.
  4. Under Zoom Events, select the View and Edit checkboxes to enable the following permissions for users in the admin role:
    • Account Management on Zoom Events portal: View or edit Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions account information, such as billing management for paid events/sessions, the hub seat management page, and the Business Information tab.
    • Zoom Events APIs Management: Select the Edit checkbox to allow access to Zoom Events via API. This allows integrations authenticated by users with this setting to execute actions on behalf of hub hosts, such as creating events or syncing registrants and attendees.
  5. Click Save Changes.