Requesting a number port (JAPAN)

A number port allows you to move your existing number from one Telecommunications Service Provider to Zoom Phone.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for requesting a number port (Japan)

How to request a number port (Japan)

  1. Download and complete the required Documents.
  2. Submit your order Here and follow the steps below:
    • Please select your request type: Zoom Phone Number Porting
    • Your email address: Make sure the email address is accurate.
    • Product (Optional): Select your Zoom product.
    • Type of issue: New Number Port
    • Porting Country: (Select Japan)
    • Porting Number Quantity: (Select the range of quantity of numbers to port)
    • Subject: New Number Port
    • Description: (Please provide the details below are present for a smooth transaction)
      • Zoom Account Number
      • Additional details and instructions (Sample below)
    • Attachments:
      • Completed and signed LOA (hand-signed or digital signature)
      • Copy of your recent invoice from your service provider.
      • Porting Sheet
  3. Zoom will review and confirm receipt of the request and will provide an update as the order progresses.
  4. Zoom will send a request to your current service provider to validate the information on the LOA, as the transfer request is also dependent on your current service provider.
    Your request will either be approved or rejected:
    • Rejected: If rejected, Zoom will inform you that your porting request was unsuccessful. Rejection can occur due to a variety of reasons. Zoom porting team will provide you with the cause and how to resolve the rejection (which may require you to contact your current carrier to resolve the issue).
      Note: This may add an undetermined amount of time to your porting request.
    • Approved: If approved, Zoom will inform you that your porting order has been approved with a date for when your number will be transferred to Zoom, and the numbers will be available on or before the day of port for you to manage in the Zoom web portal.

General guidelines (Japan)

Original Number management providerService providerPorting toComments
NTT (East/West)NTT (East/West)ZoomSupported
NTT (East/West)*Other Operators (Rakuten, KDDI, …)ZoomSupported
NTT (East/West)SoftbankZoomNot supported
Other Operators (Rakuten, KDDI, Softbank)Respective Original Number management providerZoom

Not supported

This is a general market limitation

* The NTT numbers have been ported previously to another provider.


The list below provides an overview of the supported provider/service combinations for which 0ABJ numbers can be ported if NTT is the original number management provider:

OperatorService Name
NTT東日本(NTT East Japan)ひかり電話(Hikari phone)
NTT東日本(NTT East Japan)加入電話/ISDN(Subscriber phone / ISDN)
NTT西日本(NTT West)ひかり電話(Hikari phone)
NTT西日本(NTT West)加入電話/ISDN(Subscriber phone / ISDN)
KDDIauひかり電話/ケーブルプラス(au Hikari Phone / Cable Plus)
KDDIメタルプラス電話(Metal Plus phone)
KDDIひかりダイレクト(Hikari Direct)
KDDIauひかりビジネス(au Hikari business)
KDDI法人メタル系(Corporate metal system)
NTT-CIP Voice(previously Hikari Line)
NTT-CDirect Calling(previously Centrex)
NTT-CHomeでんわ(HOME Denwa)
その他(others)CTC_コミュファ光電話(CTC_ Commufa Hikari Phone)
その他(others)CTC_ISDN・その他(CTC_ISDN / Others)
その他(others)ケイ・オプティコム_eo光電話(Kay Opticom _EO Hikari Phone)
その他(others)エネルギア_メガエッグ光電話(Energear _ mega -egg optical telephone)
その他(others)STNet_ピカラ光電話(STNET_ Picara Hikari Telephone)
その他(others)楽天コミュニケーションズ(Rakuten Communications)
その他(others)楽天コミュニケーションズ(旧PWD)(Rakuten Communications (formerly PWD))
その他(others)QTNet_BBIQ光電話(QTNET_BBIQ Hikari Phone)
その他(others)アルテリア・ネットワーク_UCOM(Alteria Network _UCOM)
その他(others)ジェイコムグループ(Jacom Group)
その他(others)東北インテリジェント(Tohoku Intelligent)
その他(others)株式会社アイ・ピー・エス(I PES Co., Ltd.)

Note: The LOA and porting form for porting numbers in Japan needs to be completed in Japanese double-byte characters and we will require some information in both Kanji and Katakana characters.

The following scenarios are to be considered when submitting a port-in request:

Port in the complete group: parent number and all child numbersSupported

Port in one or more child numbers and leave the parent numberSupported

Port in only the parent numberNOT supportedRequest your current provider to change the parent number to a child number.
Port in the parent number with child number(s) where not all child numbers will be portedNOT supportedRequest your current provider to change the parent number to a child number.
Port in group numbers: Requesting different LNP datesNOT supportedNumbers in a group will be ported on the same day
Port in child number with features (such as voice warp, AIS, etc.)NOT supportedRequest the current provider to remove the feature or Port all numbers in the group

Time frame (Japan)

Time frames to port phone numbers in Japan are dependent on the regulatory requirements and the responsiveness of the suppliers in the chain. The process is also reliant on the accuracy of the information provided. We will always keep you advised as the order progresses.

Note: On the day of transfer, you may experience some loss of service to incoming calls during the port activation window while the numbers are being ported from the old carrier. Porting can take place sooner or later than the lead times quoted.

Japan Porting Frequently Asks Questions


Q: How long until we receive an update from the carrier after the order submission?

A: A response may take up to 5 business days. Status inquiry can only be requested on the 6th business day from the submission date.


Q: Why will it take so long to complete my LNP order?

A: The LNP lead time is dictated by the business rules of the losing carrier within the framework of government regulation. LNP lead time is based on the complexity of the port request. Your current service provider may require a greater level of validation and back-office work related to your LNP order. Zoom strives to provide a response from the losing service provider with enough time for our customers to prepare for the day of LNP activation, and the lead time indicated allows us to accomplish a schedule that accounts for our customer’s needs.


Q: How do I check the status of my current LNP order?

A: You will see the status of your phone number in the unassign tab of your Zoom Phone online account one (1) business day after you successfully submitted the LNP order, it will show as Pending Numbers. You will also receive notifications every 4 business days or as soon as relevant updates are available.


Q: Can we add or remove numbers to an existing LNP order?

A: No. Please list all the numbers that you want to port before submitting an order. An order that requires an add or removal of numbers will need to be canceled and resubmitted, which will set the whole process to day 1.


Q: My order already has an LNP date, can we move it to an earlier date?

A: No. Expedites are not possible and are not industry-supported.


Q: Can Zoom undo or reverse the completed LNP order?

A: No. LNP reversal is not supported. You will need to contact your old service provider to start the LNP process going back to their system.


Q: What are Zoom’s LNP team operating hours?

A: Zoom porting team operating hours are from 8 AM – 5 PM JST, closed on weekends and holidays.


Q: Can I request a weekend, after business hours, or holiday LNP date/time?

A: No. LNP is only scheduled on a business day, between Monday through Friday, and has a fixed window time.


Q: How do I cancel my Port-In request?

A: You can respond to the existing LNP ticket (email thread) and inform the LNP team of your intent to cancel the LNP order.
Note: Orders can only be canceled once the order received porting date is received and should be notified 3 working days before the set porting date.


Q: Can I reschedule my LNP date?

A: Yes, but this will require additional time as the existing order will need to have a porting date first as the order will need to be canceled and submit a new order which will set back the porting process to day 1.


Q: Why Zoom cannot support LNP for my number even though it’s with NTT?

A: There are multiple classifications of 0ABJ numbers.