Getting started with Quality Management

Quality management is a critical aspect of contact center operations. Zoom Quality Management is designed to help contact centers track and analyze customer interactions, measure agent performance, provide actionable insights, and proactively identify areas for improvement while maintaining organizational compliance. Zoom Quality Management is a vital tool for improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, increasing agent productivity, and driving operational excellence through the following Core Value Propositions

  1. Improved Customer Experience: Quality Management (QM) helps contact centers improve CX by identifying areas where they can enhance their customer service and support practices.  By analyzing customer interactions, identifying patterns, and tracking trends; businesses can improve their response times, provide tailored interactions, and ensure their customers receive quality service and support
  2. Enhanced Agent Performance: Quality Management (QM) provides supervisors with tools to monitor and evaluate agent performance, identify training and coaching opportunities, and provide feedback to agents on areas of improvement
  3. Compliance with Industry Standards: Quality Management (QM)helps businesses comply with industry standards and regulations by ensuring customer interaction data is stored securely and that businesses are following best practices for handling customer data
  4. Business Insights: Quality Management (QM) provides businesses with detailed insights into customer preferences, behavior, and sentiment.  By analyzing this data, businesses are able to make informed decisions about how to operate their business and improve their customer service strategy

This article covers:

  1. How to assign Quality Management Licenses
  2. How to set up Quality Management roles
  3. How to configure Quality Management account settings
  4. How to review interactions
  5. How to use Performance Management

Prerequisites for Quality Management

1) How to assign Quality Management Licenses

Users must be licensed for Quality Management to administer account settings, perform evaluations/calibrations, and have their interactions analyzed by Quality Management.Follow the instructions to assign licenses and assign Zoom Quality Management licenses to users.

2) How to set up Quality Management roles

Use the role management feature to control access to features and settings in the Zoom web portal. You can use the default roles, or create custom roles and set privileges.

3) How to configure Quality Management account settings

After assigning licenses and setting up roles, change account settings to apply configurations to the entire Quality Management account.

4) How to review interactions

Once there are recordings in Zoom Contact Center, you can use Quality Management to review customer interactions.

5) How to use Performance Management

Use Performance Management to create scorecards, then use the scorecards to evaluate interactions.