Reviewing Quality Management interactions

Quality Management offers a centralized place to review and listen to your voice recordings from Zoom Contact Center.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for reviewing interactions

How to review interactions

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Quality Management then Interactions
  3. To see your own recordings, click the My Interactions tab.  To view recordings for all users within your scope, click the All Interactions tab
  4. Click the Interaction ID to open the detailed view for that Interaction, including the ability to play the recording, read the transcript, and view the associated analytics, indicator and topic mentions, and participant details.

Information in the detailed interaction view

You will see the following information in the detailed interaction view:

Analytics tab

Displays conversion metrics based on the interaction. Quality Management uses the same metrics as Zoom Revenue Accelerator. View the Zoom Revenue Accelerator metrics article for more information.

Comments tab

Add comments to the transcript.

Interaction Info tab

Performance tab

Evaluate the interaction.