Maintenance to the Zoom Support Center on November 4, 2023

Zoom updated our support center on November 4, 2023, to provide you with an improved customer experience for both self-service support and ticketing. During the maintenance window, you may have experienced intermittent delays and outages to Zoom Support. As part of this update, will be moving to

Support remains available in the Zoom Community, chatbot, and phone support (based on your plan) during the maintenance window. Explore your support options.

Frequently asked questions

When will the maintenance be performed?

Maintenance will take place on Saturday, November 4 from 6am-2pm PT. Updates will be made on Zoom Service Status on migration day.

Why is Zoom doing this?

Zoom is performing this maintenance to provide you with an improved customer experience.

What benefits are there for this change?

You can expect an improved experience for finding solutions in our knowledge base. Additionally, agents will have improved processes to answer your needs more quickly.

Who is impacted?

All users will be impacted during this maintenance window.

What happens to my support requests?

Your tickets will be accessible during this maintenance window. However, tickets that are closed and older than 365 days old will not be accessible. In addition, your existing ticket ID number will change. However, you can still find your ticket by searching the old ticket ID number.

What if I want to request older tickets be moved?

Closed tickets older than 365 days will not be accessible in the Support Center after this maintenance period.

How do I get support during this maintenance period?

You can continue to leverage Zoom’s Community, chatbot, and phone support (based on your plan) during the maintenance window.

Can I opt-out of this maintenance window?

No, accounts cannot opt out of this maintenance and it cannot be rescheduled.

Will I have to do anything on my end?

No action needs to be taken.

Will the domain change of the Zoom Support site affect vanity URLs?

No, customer vanity URLs will not be impacted. These changes will only impact to

What happens if I respond to a ticket during the maintenance window?

Ticket updates may experience delays during the maintenance window, but all updates will be available once it is completed.

Why did I lose the ability to subscribe to article publications and updates? When will this return? When will I be able to follow updates to release notes? 

Due to this migration, the ability to follow, or subscribe, to pages was temporarily disabled. As of January 11, 2024, customers can subscribe to individual articles and receive email notifications when revisions to the articles are published. Learn more about subscribing to article updates on Zoom Support.