Integrating Zoom Whiteboard with LTI Pro app

Zoom Whiteboard integration with the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI Pro) app allows instructors and students to collaborate effectively within their LMS systems. With the LTI Pro app, users gain the ability to view, edit, and share whiteboards directly from their LMS interface, enhancing the overall learning experience.

With this integration, the instructors have the capability to create and share whiteboards directly with their classes. This creates a shared class space, fostering an environment where instructors can seamlessly distribute boards to students, promoting active participation and knowledge exchange. Moreover, any new whiteboards created within this shared space are automatically made accessible to the entire class, ensuring that students stay up-to-date with the latest course materials and announcements.

For students, they can gain quick and convenient access to whiteboards that have been shared within the class space. Whether it's reviewing lecture notes, brainstorming ideas, or collaborating on group projects, Zoom Whiteboard integration empowers students to actively engage with course content in an interactive manner. Students can also take the initiative to create their own whiteboards and share them with the class to encourage collaboration and foster a more interactive learning experience.

Note: If you're new to Zoom Whiteboard or haven't used it before, visit the getting started with Zoom Whiteboard page for a comprehensive introduction and guidance.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for integrating Zoom Whiteboard with LTI Pro app

How to enable Zoom Whiteboard for LTI Pro app users

  1. Enable out-of-meeting whiteboard in the Zoom web portal.
  2. Enable whiteboards in your LTI Pro 1.3 configuration.
  3. Look for the instructions for configuring breakout rooms for your LMS and enable the Names and Roles Provisioning Service.

Note: To ensure that students are able to see the whiteboard in LTI Pro, at least one of the following options must be enabled in your LTI settings:

How to access the Zoom Whiteboard in LTI Pro app

When you open a whiteboard, it opens directly within the LTI PRO app, offering a convenient way to access and utilize whiteboards. Additionally, when you launch LTI Pro into your classroom, a whiteboard folder will be automatically created. To access your whiteboards, simply click the Whiteboards tab located at the top of the LTI Pro interface. The first instructor to launch LTI Pro will be designated as the owner of the folder, while all students will be added as Viewers, and other instructors as Editors.

Should teachers wish to modify these roles, they can do so by adjusting the class whiteboard settings. Additionally, roster members can be synchronized with the folder on a weekly or monthly basis. By accessing the Whiteboards tab, you can conveniently view all your Zoom whiteboards, and upon loading your dashboard, the folder corresponding to the classroom you are currently in will be readily displayed.