Adding apps as an admin FAQ

What is this ability for an account admin to add apps for their users?

Account admins can add and authorize user-level apps (both private and public) for users on their account, providing a seamless experience so end users do not have to go through the authorization process. In addition to making app provisioning easier for admins, this gives admins more control over which apps are immediately available for users to get their work done.

How is this different from admins approving apps? Can an admin approve an app for some and add the app for others?

Account admins can require apps from the Zoom App Marketplace to be approved before their users can add the app. Often this approval is set after the app has undergone their organization’s internal security review and is approved for use. Approving apps can be helpful for providing end users with a suite of app options to add apps as needed to suit their needs and workflows. Admins can approve apps for individual users and user groups on the account, providing different teams with access to different apps.

Admin app provisioning goes one step further and allows admins to add the app for users on their account, making these apps immediately available for their users, as authorization has already been done by the admin. This can be helpful in providing all users with a basic suite of apps from the Zoom App Marketplace, while still allowing for other apps to be approved for users with specific needs.

For example, perhaps you want all users in your legal department to have immediate access to the DocuSign eSignature app for Zoom Meetings, but also would like to still allow your sales team to have access to that app on an as-needed basis. Admins can add the app for all users in their legal user group, and also only approve the app for all users in the sales user group.

Alternatively, some apps may have additional licensing requirements to fully utilize their services, which can mean that admins have stricter control over who can use these services. In this case, admins can add the apps for specific users with the appropriate license, while also keeping the app in the not-approved state for all others on the account. This can avoid potential confusion when users add the app without the necessary licenses for that service and are blocked from full use of the 3rd-party service.

Which apps on the Zoom App Marketplace are supported?

All user-level apps on the Zoom App Marketplace support being added by account admins. This includes Zoom apps and integrations.

Can I add apps for all users on my account? Specific users on my account?

Yes, admins can choose to add any user-level apps in the App Marketplace for themselves, all users, specific user groups, and/or specific users on the account.

How are my users notified when I’ve added an app for them? Can I control or change those notifications?

When an admin adds an app for the account or specific users, those users will see a notification within the Zoom client. Additionally, admins can choose that an email notification from Zoom be sent when apps are added.

What happens if a new user joins my organization’s Zoom account? What happens if the user is moved between user groups?

When new users are added to your account, any apps that were added for the entire account will be automatically added for the new user as well.

Users added to a user group will also automatically have any apps that were added for that user group added for the new user as well. If a user is removed from a user group or is moved to a different user group that does not have this app added, the app will be removed, but may still be available for use again if still pre-approved. 

If the app was added for specific users, admins will need to manually add the app for the new user if they want the user to also have this app.

Can account admins also remove these apps after adding them for users on my account?

Yes, admins can remove an app for all users that they added the app for, and end users can also remove the apps themselves. If the admin changes who the app is added for, the behavior will be the same as if the user removed the app themselves.

What happens if a user leaves my organization?

When a user leaves or is removed from your Zoom account, any apps used by that user, whether added themselves or by an account admin, will lose access to that user’s data.