Configuring default camera control mode

Administrators can set the default camera control mode for Zoom Rooms from the web portal. This mode will be the default whenever the Zoom Room starts or joins a meeting. 

Prerequisites for configuring default camera control mode

How to configure the default camera control mode

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Room Management, then click Zoom Rooms.
  3. You can use the Zoom Rooms location hierarchy to set the default camera control mode from the account, location, or room settings. For this example, click Account Settings.
  4. Click the Account Profile tab and scroll down to the Devices heading.
  5. Select  the mode you would like to use from the following options:
    Note: Several camera modes and associated features have specific hardware and version requirements. Please hover your cursor over the icon next to each mode to review the requirements and ensure that your devices can support them. 
    • Manual Mode
    • Speaker Focus--Automatically zooms in on the active speaker in the room.
    • Presenter Focus--Automatically focuses and tracks the presenter in the room. This feature requires a camera that supports Presenter Focus, and may require additional configuration in the camera's firmware settings.
    • Auto-Framing--Automatically frames the group of in-room participants. This feature requires a camera that supports auto-framing.
    • Multi-Focus--Focuses in on multiple in-room participants and composites them into a single video stream. This feature requires supported hardware.
    • Multi-Stream--Enables multiple streams of video from a single camera to focus in on multiple in-room participants, while also sending a stream framing the entire group.
      This feature also has specific hardware requirements.
    • Intelligent Director--Selects and displays the best camera angle of in-room participants in a Zoom Room by analyzing video streams from multiple cameras located in the Zoom Room.
      This feature must be enabled for the option to appear as a default.
  6. Click Save

Frequently asked questions

Q: If I enable Speaker Focus and disable Speaker Switching, does it mean that the camera won't track the speaker?
A: No, even with Speaker Focus enabled and Speaker Switching disabled, the camera will still track the speaker.

Q: If I disable Speaker Focus and enable Speaker Switching, does it mean that the camera will track the active speaker but not zoom in (maintaining the original image size)?
A: Yes, that's correct, it will track the speaker based on the microphone that is active.

Q:What are the results of selecting different modes for Set default camera control mode?
A: When a user selects a specific default mode, that mode will be automatically applied when starting a meeting.