Zoom Phone Appliance software downgrade

Account owners and admins can submit a request to Zoom Support to downgrade their Zoom Phone Appliance client application and/or the manufacturer firmware version. If Zoom Support identifies a possible problem that can be resolved by downgrading the software, admins will be able to access this option in the Zoom Web portal. This feature enables the downgrading of software on a single device or multiple devices at once. Once Zoom Engineering has loaded the available software versions into the system, you can follow these instructions.

How to apply a software downgrade to Zoom Phone Appliances

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an admin with privileges.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Device Management, then Device List.
  3. Identify your Zoom Phone Appliance(s), then on the top, click the All Status filter.
  4. Click Downgrade.
  5. In the dialog box, click Downgrade.
  6. Make notes of the following:
    • You can only downgrade to a version above the default Client application version of the current firmware, otherwise, you need to downgrade the firmware at the same time.
    • If we determine that your firmware version is too high, meaning the default Client application version is higher than the version to be downgraded, we will automatically perform a firmware downgrade for you.
    • Local data may be lost during the process.
    • Assigned Users/Common Areas will be automatically reassigned.
    • A downgrade is service disruptive and should be performed during non-business hours.
    • The process may take up to 4 hours.
  7. Downgrade an AudioCodes:
  8. Downgrade on Grandstream:
    • Downgrade firmware only:
    • Downgrade Client application and firmware at the same time or just the client application:
      • Submit downgrade request.
      • User/Common Area needs to be logged in(assigned) prior to downgrade.
      • Performs an automatic factory reset.
      • Wait for the downgrade to complete.
      • After the downgrade is completed, the client application will be logged in automatically.
  9. Downgrade on Poly:
    • Submit the downgrade request.
    • Wait for the downgrade to complete.
      Note: If the user/common area automatic sign-in is not successful, it may be necessary to perform a factory reset on the device.
  10. Downgrade on Yealink: