Managing the Notifications tab

Hosts can use the Notifications tab to manage all messages sent out to attendees and special role users for their events. Messages will be sent through mobile push notifications and the event lobby. This area can currently be used as a quick snapshot of the notifications being sent to users in the app and event lobby.

Note: You cannot edit the notification content. The notifications are currently view-only.

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This article covers:

Prerequisites for managing the Notifications tab

How to access the Notifications tab

  1. Create a Zoom Event or edit an upcoming event to access the event creation setup.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Communication, then click Notifications.
    The Notifications page will appear.

How to manage notifications

View the Notifications tab

The Notifications tab displays information about notifications that are related to the event in a table so you can see what notifications have been sent at a glance:

View and activate a notification

  1. Access the Notifications tab.
    The list of notifications will appear.
  2. Click a notification name to view its information.
    A panel will appear.
  3. In the panel, view the following notification information:
    • Notification Name: The name of the notification.
    • Message Title: The title/subject of the notification message.
    • Message Description: The description and details of the message. 
    • Preview Message: View a preview of how your message will appear to attendees. Click the Desktop or Mobile tab to switch between views.
    • Audience: The audience that will be sent the notification.
    • Trigger: The action or event that triggers the notification sent.
  4. Click the Activate this notification toggle to enable or disable it. 
    Note: This toggle is enabled by default.
  5. Click Save

Enable or disable a notification

  1. Access the Notifications tab.
    The list of notifications will appear.
  2. Under the Status column, click the toggle to enable or disable it.
    When a notification is enabled, the Enabled status will appear, and attendees will receive that notification. When a notification is disabled, the Disabled status will appear, and attendees will not receive that notification.
  3. If a confirmation window appears when you disable a notification, click Disable.

How to manage sent notifications

You can view the send history of a notification type and see details on who the notification was sent to and when it was sent, as well as resend the notification to a specific attendee.

To view the notification history, under the Sent column, click the number showing how many times the notification has been sent.

Note: The Sent column displays the total number of times a notification type—each resends to the same attendee is counted separately—has been sent.