Using a companion Zoom Room

A Zoom Rooms for Touch device can be configured as a companion to an existing Zoom Room computer or appliance. This allows the Zoom Room to use the cameras of both devices, while only requiring one Zoom Rooms license. 

Prerequisites for using a companion Zoom Room

Zoom Room computer or appliance

Companion Zoom Room (Same as Zoom Rooms for Touch device)

How to configure a companion Zoom Room

  1. Move your Zoom Rooms for Touch device into the area where you have your main Zoom Room setup.
  2. Sign in to the Zoom Rooms for Touch device. 
  3. Select the main Zoom Room you want to add the companion device to.
  4. Tap Companion Zoom Rooms.
    Zoom Rooms will connect the companion device to the selected Zoom Room.

Note: Allow multi-camera mode must be enabled in the Zoom web portal in order to use the companion Zoom Room camera.