Understanding the Consent Settings in Data & Privacy Center

Data Consent settings under the Data & Privacy menu make it easier for Zoom customers to find information about the data Zoom collects and how they are used, allowing them to make informed choices about their privacy.

What Data is Collected and Why

Zoom uses diagnostic data to operate its services, provide support, troubleshoot problems, and make product improvements. This data is collected following a similar structure: the type of event, the action taken to trigger the event, the location in the app where the event occurred, a timestamp, and some pseudonymous identifiers (e.g. device ID, meeting ID, etc.). This does not include any customer content (e.g. audio, video, chats, meeting agenda, or title), and these consent settings do not authorize Zoom to use any customer content to train Zoom's or its third-party AI models.

There are two categories of data we collect:

Overview of Consent Settings

The Consent Settings give admins and users more control over the types of data Zoom collects and uses. They can be found in the Zoom web portal under both admin and personal sections.

Both admins and users can see the following two diagnostic data settings for data collection:

If an admin turns the Optional Diagnostic Data setting off, then the setting will automatically be disabled for the account’s users, and the users will not be able to turn the setting on. When disabled, Zoom will not collect optional diagnostic data, but still collect required diagnostic data.

If an admin or owner enables the Optional Diagnostic Data setting, then the account’s users can disable the Optional Diagnostic Data setting individually.

Note: Optional diagnostic data only applies to Zoom Client versions 5.15.10 and later.

Both admins and users can also control how Zoom uses their data for personalized experiences. With these settings enabled, you are giving Zoom permission to use diagnostic data either at the account or user level to provide personalized recommendations of Zoom products and services.

Admins can see the following settings:

Users can see the following setting:

When an admin has enabled Personalized User Experiences on an account level, users will be able to enable or disable Personalized Experiences. If the Personalized User Experiences setting is disabled at the account level, Personalized Experiences will be disabled on a user level and cannot be changed by users.