Zoom Phone SMS error: Message could not be sent

If you receive the error message “Message could not be sent” when sending an SMS, it could be due to your specific account’s environment or a widespread issue. Before troubleshooting these steps, ensure that the user receiving the error meets the prerequisites for using SMS.

This article covers:

How to troubleshoot the “Message could not be sent” SMS error

Check for current outages

You may be impacted by an outage. Check the Zoom Status page to see if there are any outages related to SMS issues.

Check SMS enablement for a number and assign it to an existing campaign

Ensure that the number receiving the error has SMS enabled and is assigned to an existing campaign. Learn more about SMS/MMS 10DLC Compliance for Zoom Phone.

Admins can also try to remove the number from the assigned campaign and assign it back again, then verify the status after approximately 10 minutes.

Note: There are known delays in 10DLC campaign registration approval and number pool requests.

Check network firewall or proxy server settings

Ensure that you have whitelisted the supported firewall ports and configurations.

Contact Zoom Support

If you or a user still receive the error “Message could not be sent” after checking for any current outages, verifying SMS capability, and checking firewall ports, then submit a request to Zoom Support to assist with troubleshooting. Additionally, you can submit a Zoom Phone problem report.

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