Billing portal redesign FAQ

Introducing your upgraded billing portal! As we enhance the layout and design of your billing portal in the coming months, we want to ensure you have a smooth navigation experience. To help you get acquainted, here's a brief overview of what you can expect. For more in-depth information, follow this article.

Where can I find the billing portal?

The billing portal can still be accessed at, but we’ve made some changes to improve its organization. It now has its own dedicated section called Plans and Billing in the ADMIN menu on the left-hand side. Instead of tabs at the top, you’ll find all your billing pages conveniently listed in this left-side menu. We’ve also updated the names of various sections as follows:

All the information that used to be located in the Pending Plans tab can now be found under Plan Management. Similarly, anything previously found under the Shipments tab can now be accessed under Device Management.

You can also access the Plans and Billing section through the profile drop-down.

What new features can I find on my product cards?

We have redesigned our product cards to provide you with important information right at the top level. By clicking the arrow to expand, you can access additional details about the product.

You’ll now find:

How can I edit a plan?

If you have editing capabilities, you can easily make changes by clicking the Manage button to access your product details. Review the information, and click Edit Plan to make your desired selections and modifications.

How can I see my next renewal amount?

We've added a new section called the Plan Summary, which provides a convenient overview of your upcoming Monthly or Annual renewal amount. By clicking on the View button, you can access a detailed breakdown of this information, including the specific products and license counts.

How can I buy additional products or capacities?

You can purchase additional products or capacities in the section at the bottom of your billing portal.

How can I cancel a plan?

You can cancel by selecting Manage and then Cancel Plan.