Troubleshooting paid account still showing as basic

If you have a Pro account (paid), but your account is showing as Basic (free) or your meetings get cut off at 40 minutes, you may not have a license assigned to you or may be signed in to the wrong account.

Learn more about Zoom user types and roles.

How to troubleshoot a Pro license but account shows Basic

Check for and assign available licenses

If your account is showing as Basic, you may not have an assigned license. Admins can view available licenses and assign them to users on the Users page of User Management in the Zoom web portal. Learn how to assign Zoom licenses. If a license has already been assigned and is still not displaying correctly, admins can follow these steps to fix an incorrectly displayed user license.

Sign out, exit Zoom, and sign back in

More commonly, users who are showing as free users even though they have a paid account are signed in to the wrong account. You may have multiple accounts with varying user and account types. Try to sign out everywhere, quit Zoom, then sign back in using a different email address that you signed up for a Pro account with. If you have received a payment notification, check which email address that was sent to and sign in with that email address.

  1. Sign out of anywhere you're logged in, including the Zoom desktop client, Zoom mobile app, and the Zoom web portal.
  2. Close out of Zoom on all devices.
  3. Sign back in using a different email address.