Zoom Contact Center support for SMS for Australia phone numbers

Zoom Contact Center admins can allow their users in Australia to use the SMS feature to send and receive messages using the Zoom desktop client. Admins can order, select and assign Australia phone numbers from the Zoom web portal. Once enabled, users can send domestic SMS to all mobile carriers within Australia.


This article covers:

Prerequisites for using SMS mobile numbers in Australia

Limitations for using SMS in Australia

How to enable and use SMS in Australia

Frequently asked questions for enabling and using SMS in Australia

I have an existing number mobile service with a wireless operator in Australia (Telstra, Optus, etc). Can I port my wireless service into Zoom with these +61 4 SMS capable numbers?

Number porting is not supported at this time.

Can I get a similar number in New Zealand?

New Zealand is not supported at this time.

Are Alphanumeric Sender IDs supported?

Not at the moment but we will soon be adding support for these in the near future.

Can I send a group message?

No, not supported at this time.

Can I make and receive voice calls from these numbers?

No, inbound and outbound voice calls are not supported for mobile phone numbers with Zoom Contact Center.