Yealink CP935W provisioning guide

The Yealink CP935W supports both DECT and WiFi modes, enabling it to function as a stand-alone SIP device connected to a WiFi network or as a handset that pairs with the W70B or W80DM base station. If your device has been used previously, we suggest performing a factory reset for optimal performance.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for Yealink CP935W provisioning

How to upgrade the firmware in Wifi mode

  1. On the Yealink CP935W IP phone, navigate to More, Basic, Phone Mode, then Wi-Fi Mode.
  2. Navigate to More > Basic > Wi-Fi, and connect the CP935W to the local Wi-Fi.
  3. Navigate to More > Status > Network > IPv4 Status and obtain the IPv4 address of the CP935W to access the web GUI.
  4. On a web browser, use the IP address you just obtained to access the CP935W GUI, then navigate to Settings > Upgrade > Upgrade Firmware > Browse >Upload to upgrade the firmware via the web user interface. 
  5. If the CP935W has already been assigned to a user, the firmware can be automatically upgraded via Auto Provisioning.

How to upgrade the firmware in DECT mode

When the CP935W is paired with the base station as the DECT mode, the upgrade process must go through the base.

Note: The upgrade with the DECT base will take up to 18 hours in the background and requires the following minimum firmware version.