Enabling SMS on US and Canada Toll Free Numbers

Zoom users in the United States and Canada can use Toll-Free numbers to accommodate a large influx of voice calls on both Zoom Phone and Zoom Contact Center. However, Zoom is launching a new feature for these numbers, by supporting SMS and MMS messaging. Please note that this messaging service will be charged on a per-message basis. To activate SMS functionality on your US and Canada Toll-free numbers, please refer to the steps in this article.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for enabling SMS on US and Canada toll-free numbers

How to enable SMS/MMS on your US and Canada toll-free numbers

To enable SMS/MMS you need to complete the toll-free verification process for the users that will use this feature. Beware this process can take up to four (4) weeks to complete.

  1. Download the verification form.
  2. Complete the form and submit a request to the Zoom Phone Porting team by doing the following:
    • Under Please select your request type, select Zoom Phone Number Porting.
      A Required information page will display.
      Note: Make sure you provide all required information noted by a star *.
    • Enter your email address, and select your product.
    • Under Type of Issue, select SMS Concern.
    • In the Description, please mention, Submission for Toll-Free SMS Verification.
    • Under Attachments (optional), click Add file or drop files here to add the Toll-Free Verification form you filled out.
    • Click Submit.
      • The Zoom porting team will update you via the ticket for any information that might be needed as well as a timeline for when the numbers will be enabled for SMS.
      • Once your phone numbers have been approved by Zoom’s third-party carrier, a ticket response will be sent to you with an update that your toll-free numbers are SMS enabled.

Toll-free SMS/MMS frequently asked questions