Managing admin roles in Zoom Whiteboard

When a whiteboard is shared with other users, the owner determines which roles are assigned to those users. Although the whiteboard owner can change an assigned role later, the permissions available to the role itself cannot be edited. Account owners can review a detailed list of what each role's permissions are, and use role management to define a custom scope for whiteboard access and permissions.

Prerequisites for managing admin roles in Zoom Whiteboard

How to define admin role permissions for Zoom Whiteboard

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an admin with the privilege to edit account settings.
  2. Add an admin role with initial permissions or edit permissions for an existing admin role.
  3. Click the Role Settings tab.
  4. Under Whiteboard, select the View and Edit checkboxes to enable the following permissions for users in the admin role:
    • Whiteboard Management and Template Management: View whiteboard metadata, freeze, rename or delete whiteboards and manage collaborators.
    • Whiteboard Content: View and export whiteboard content.
    • Org Template Management: View, update, approve or deny org templates.
  5. Under the Scope column, select and customize administrative privileges:
    • Entire Account: The admin role has access and administrative privileges for the entire account.
    • Custom Scope: The admin role has access and administrative privileges to the custom scope that you select.
  6. Click Save Changes.