Zoom Sessions and Zoom One Enterprise Plus FAQ

The Zoom Sessions 1000 license is included in the Zoom One Enterprise Plus plans. Adding Zoom Sessions to Zoom One Enterprise+ unlocks the premium webinar features on Zoom and gives the user additional access to Zoom Sessions on the Zoom Events platform. 

Note: This change in licensing will take place on June 20, 2023.

Frequently asked questions about including Zoom Sessions in Zoom One Enterprise Plus

General experience

What is the adjustment to the Zoom One Enterprise Plus plan?

We will be adding Zoom Sessions to the Zoom One Enterprise Plus bundle for all current and new customers.

What is the cost change for adding Zoom Sessions?

There will be no change in the cost of the Zoom One Enterprise Plus bundle. We are providing this additional benefit at no extra charge to you.

When is this expected to be released?

We are planning to add Zoom Sessions to the Zoom One Enterprise Plus bundle on June 20th, 2023.

Will this be a phased release?

No, at the time of release, all accounts with Zoom One Enterprise Plus will be updated.

How will accounts with Zoom One Enterprise Plus be impacted at the release date?

All users with current Zoom One Enterprise Plus licenses will have access to Zoom Sessions 1000 on the release date.

How will we be notifying users about the release?

There will be no automated notification that goes out to end users about this new benefit so we recommend that admins share this information directly with their users.

Is there a specific license needed?

The Zoom One Enterprise Plus license is required.

Who should be taking advantage of this new product?

Zoom Sessions users can be anyone in the organization that is tasked with hosting events, internal or external. The most likely users will be on the marketing or internal communications team.

What are the planned key features at launch?

Zoom Sessions is a new product within Zoom’s event solutions. Zoom Sessions helps customers level up their events and webinars by providing more engagement in single-session events using either Zoom Meetings or Zoom Webinars to connect with your audience. The product helps users gather event analytics and use robust ticketing features to track attendance and engagement.

Do we charge for this product?

We do charge for Zoom Sessions as a standalone product. Pricing can be found on our pricing page, but as of this launch, we will be including it in the Zoom One Enterprise Plus bundle at no additional charge.

Admin experience

Is anything needed from an admin perspective?

No. Zoom Sessions 1000 will now be part of the Zoom One Enterprise Plus hard bundle and replace Webinar 1000. Existing users with Zoom One Enterprise Plus will be automatically updated with Zoom Sessions 1000.

How is this set up or enabled?

No setup is required. Existing Zoom One Enterprise Plus users will be automatically updated with Zoom Sessions 1000.

Can admins adjust any settings for their users?

If you would like to set limitations for end users on the release date you will need to sign into the web portal on June 20 and go to Account Management, then Account Settings, then Zoom Events. From here you will see a setting that allows you to control visibility for hubs. You can use the Hidden hub setting to make all hubs on your account private. This will prevent users externally and internally from accessing another user's hub.

You can also set whether your end user can create paid events by going to https://events.zoom.us/e/billing/account. You will see toggle options for the type of events your end users can create. To restrict the creation of paid events, click the toggle to disable it. This setting will apply to the entire account.

Can admins limit complete access to Zoom Sessions?

Yes, admins can enable or disable Zoom Sessions by using the Allow users to use Zoom Sessions with their Zoom One license setting.

Will any emails automatically go out to my employees?

No, we will not send any emails directly to your users about this update; however, we do recommend that you share this information with them.

User experience

Is there any action item needed from the end user to utilize this feature?

There are no actions needed from a typical user.

What are the main areas within the interface for users?

Users will now have access to the Events Portal that they may or may not have had access to prior. They also would have the ability to possess multiple licenses (i.e., Zoom Sessions within Zoom One Enterprise Plus and a Zoom Events license). This could be a new experience for them either way.

What other features is this available for? (Phone, Rooms, Contact Center, etc.)

No other features are available. We’re just adding Zoom Sessions to the Zoom One Enterprise Plus bundle.

Can I use integrations with Zoom Sessions?

You will be able to leverage all integrations that are supported by Zoom Events.