Using Zoom Webinars with the Salesforce Lightning app


After an admin has installed the Salesforce integration and configured the integration with Zoom Webinars, Salesforce users can start X . This article guides users through the various features available to them with the integration.

This article contains: 

Prerequisites for using Zoom Webinars with Salesforce

Note: If the app is not installed or the features are not available, contact your Zoom and Salesforce administrators.

How to create Zoom Webinars in Salesforce

  1. In the top navigation bar, click the Zoom Webinar tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. Provide details for the webinar, such as topic, start date/time, registration approval type, and other webinar settings.
    For more details about each option available, refer to the support article for scheduling webinars.
  4. Click Save to schedule the webinar.
    The webinar will be visible in your list of upcoming webinars in the Zoom web portal.

How to manage your webinars through Salesforce

Edit the webinar passcode

  1. After scheduling your webinar, click Edit Zoom Webinar Passcode on the Zoom Webinar details view.
    A window will appear to edit the passcode.
  2. Provide a new passcode for the webinar.
  3. Click Save.

Note: If you have already shared your webinar invitation details with attendees, you will need to reshare the updated passcode to avoid attendees trying to join with the former passcode.

Add a lead to a webinar

  1. In the top navigation bar, click the Leads tab.
  2. Select one or more leads that you want to add to the webinar.
  3. Click Add to Webinar.
    Note: This option may not be visible with other options, and can be found under the down arrow  with other options.
  4. Click one of the following options:
    • Click Invite to send a registration link.
    • Click Register to automatically add them to the webinar.

Manage webinar registrants

  1. Open the Webinar details page in Salesforce.
    Under the Registrant Management section, all current registrations are displayed between the Approved and Blocked tabs. Each registrant is shown with their contact details and current registration status.
  2. Select one or more listed registrants.
    Depending on their current registration status, an Approve or Deny option will appear.
  3. Select either option as needed to change their registration status.

Manage webinar panelists

  1. Open the Webinar details page in Salesforce.
  2. Open the Panelists Management section.
  3. Click New Panelist.
  4. Provide the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address for the new panelist.
  5. Click Save.
    The panelist will be emailed the panelist invitation details (unless disabled by the host in Zoom settings), but their join link will be provided next to their details.

How to sync webinar registrants from Zoom

If attendees registered through the Zoom registration page, their details will not be automatically synced with Salesforce and must be manually synced.

  1. Open the Webinar details page in Salesforce.
  2. Click the Sync Webinar from Zoom option.
  3. Click Confirm to start the sync.
    Registrants’ details, such as name and webinar link, will be synced to Zoom and matched to an existing contact or lead.