Managing multiple audio channels

Meeting and webinar presenters managing their audio with hardware and software-based audio mixers can also manage which audio channels are used by the Zoom desktop client. This article guides them through enabling the setting and managing the detected channels.

Prerequisites for using multiple audio channels

How to enable and manage multiple input channels

If your device detects an input device with 3 or more input channels, a new option will appear in the desktop client’s audio settings.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click your profile picture then click Settings.
  3. Click Audio .
  4. In the Microphone section, click the drop down menu to view all available microphone devices.
  5. Select the device name of the connected audio interface.
    If the selected microphone has 3 or more detected channels, the Use specific audio input channels option will be automatically enabled.
    Note: If this option does not appear, check your client version and ensure the device has at least 3 audio channels connected.
    When enabled, an additional setting will appear below, indicating how many channels are enabled.

  6. Next to Audio input channels, click # Channel(s) to adjust which channels should be used by the desktop client.
    A window will appear, listing all detected audio input channels.
  7. Click the checkbox next to 1 or more channels you want enabled.
  8. Click Save to confirm the changes.
    The audio from the selected audio channels will be heard in a live meeting or webinar.

Note: Changes to audio channels do not take place immediately when selecting the checkbox. The selection(s) must be saved for the changes to take effect during a live meeting or webinar.