Saving whiteboard from a Zoom Room

With Zoom Whiteboard, users can collaborate and brainstorm on a persistent digital canvas. This feature is available on supported Zoom Rooms for Touch and allows you to create, edit and save whiteboards into your account, whether you're inside or outside of a meeting. Zoom Whiteboards are owned by users; the ability to save or open a whiteboard on a Zoom Rooms for Touch requires pairing to the Zoom Room with a personal device running the Zoom Client.

Prerequisites for pairing and saving whiteboard from a Zoom Room

How to save a whiteboard from a Zoom Room

  1. Tap the Whiteboard button  on the screen.
    This will bring up a new blank canvas.
  2. Add edits to the whiteboard using the editing tools.
  3. At the top right, click Save.
    This will give you the option to either scan the QR code with your mobile device or use the pairing code.
  4. Open your Zoom desktop client on your computer or mobile device. Make sure the Zoom desktop client is logged into the user account you’d like to have the whiteboard saved to.
    Note: The Zoom Room for Touch and the user must belong to the same account.
  5. On the device with the Zoom desktop client, click the Pair button.
  6. Confirm and select the user account you want to pair with on the Zoom Room for Touch device.
    The user will receive additional confirmation to pair their device. Once accepted, the user who paired the account will get a notification that the whiteboard has been shared to that account.

Once the whiteboard is saved to the user's account, they can access it at any time by logging into their account and navigating to the Whiteboard dashboard.