Zoom compatibility issues for VMware Agent 8.6


Zoom is aware of an issue regarding the conflicts with release 5.13.10 or lower of the VDI Zoom Meeting client when updating the VMware Agent to release 8.6 or greater. We are investigating this and will update when more information is available. Zoom has identified the cause and a possible resolution. The resolution was released on March 8, 2023 for the VDI 5.13.10 release.


This issue impacts the VMware Horizon client and the VDI Zoom Meeting client.


This issue was caused when using a VDI plugin and fallback mode. Exiting the VMware Horizon client, reconnecting, and exiting Zoom also resulted in a crash.


Zoom has resolved this issue, and this error should be resolved automatically.

Zoom recommends updating the VDI Zoom Meeting client to release 5.13.10 or higher before updating VMware Agent to version 8.6 or higher.

If you are still experiencing this issue, upgrade Zoom to the latest version.