Zoom excessive log files issues


Zoom is aware of 2 issues regarding log files:

Zoom has identified the cause and implemented a solution for each of these issues. 


These issues impact the VDI Zoom Meeting client.


Issue 1: Caused by a change that was introduced in release 5.13.0. This change resulted in the VDI Zoom Meeting client creating log files when the user started a share session.

Issue 2: Caused by additional logging components added to the standard client, which compounded with the separate logging performed by the VDI version. 


Zoom has resolved these issues with EP releases for each of those release branches: 

Customers concerned about log file accumulation before they can update to a later version can add registry policies for LogReserveHours and LogReserveSize and enter a value of 1 for both policies, which will result in logs up to 1MB or older than 1 hour being deleted when the client launches.
Note: The cleanup is only applied when the client starts.

If you are still experiencing this issue, upgrade Zoom to the latest version.