Tapping to hot desking

The signing process for hot desking users using Poly Edge E devices is simpler. The NFC technology allows you to sign in to those devices with a simple tap on your mobile app.

Prerequisites for signing to Tap hot desk

How to use Tap hot desk to sign in to a desk phone

If a desk phone has hot desking enabled, you can temporarily sign in to the phone. When you sign out, the phone will be re-assigned to the original owner or reverted to a common area phone. Typically, you'll see Unassigned on the home screen of common area phones.

Note: Admins can set a session timeout limit for hot desking. When the limit is reached, the phone will automatically sign out of the hot desking session.

  1. Sign in to your Zoom mobile client.
  2. Tap the More icon (  ).
  3. Under OTHER, tap Tap to Hot Desking.
  4. Hold your device to the center of the phone display to scan it.
    The IP phone will reboot to register your information and sign you in.
  5. (Optional) On the second page of the soft key menu of the desk phone, press the Sign Out soft key.
    The phone will reboot to register with the original owner or revert to a common area phone.