Zoom's Terms of Service update notifications

Zoom updated its Terms of Service on March 31, 2023 and we are notifying all end users that currently fall under our generic online Terms of Service. Only customers that are subject to our online Terms of Service should receive the notifications.

Zoom has already begun to send emails to notify users of this update, which have been sent out starting on April 1, 2023 for all users on the accounts described above. There is no further action required for these emails.

Pop-up when joining a meeting

Additionally, after upgrading to Zoom client version 5.14.5 or later, users of paid accounts purchased online, basic accounts, and any users not signed-in to a Zoom account will receive a one-time prompt when trying to join a meeting, notifying them that we have updated our Terms of Service.

Users must click Join to confirm they have read and agree to the updated terms. If they click Cancel instead, they will exit the meeting and will see this prompt again the next time they try to join a meeting. Once they accept, they should not see it again on this device.