On-premise meeting support for LTI

Note: Starting January 8, 2023, new accounts utilizing the Meeting Connector will now manage users at the account, group, or user profile level. If you have an existing account, utilizing the on-prem user type, please reach out to your Support representative to enable account and group-level management.

Due to changes in the management of on-premise users, if your organization utilizes LTI and the Meeting Connector and has changed to the new on-prem user management, admins will see the following changes to user provisioning:

On-Prem user type will not be listed on the LTI Configuration page, and only Basic and Licensed will be visible under Auto provision, as well as the option Automatically upgrade Basic users to Pro users under Auto Upgrade Zoom Users.
Note: If your account has not been migrated to the new on-prem user management, On-Prem will still be available under User Type.