Understanding the new event creation experience

The Zoom Events multiple sessions event creation flow experience aligns with the Zoom Sessions (single-session) event setup, focusing on discoverability and grouping controls together. Zoom Events introduces the new event creation flow for hosts:

On the Event Detail Page and (Event Experience) Lobby tabs, there are additional content controls where hosts can control what sessions, speakers, and exhibitors will be visible on the respective page for attendees. This allows hosts more control over what is displayed on each part of the experience and the ability to hide all event content until it's ready. Each selection has controls to allow all, select, or none of the content to be displayed for attendees.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for creating a Zoom Event

How to find key features

Some Zoom Events key features have been moved or consolidated into the new event creation flow. To find those key features, please refer to the information below:

Event Configuration tab

Event Detail Page

Registration section

Event Access tab

Manage Registrants tab

Event Content section

Sessions tab

In-session Branding tab

Event Experience section

Lobby tab

Meeting & Webinar tab

Post Event tab