Managing the Special Roles tab

All special roles in your Zoom Event can be managed on this page. All special roles will populate and appear in the Special Roles tab before the host publishes the event, allowing the host to preview all special roles in their event. As special roles are added to the event, they will appear in the Special Role page along with their available user permissions.

The Zoom Events Special Roles tab is where you will see the special role tickets that are automatically created as you add special roles to the event.

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This article covers:

Prerequisites for managing the Special Roles tab in Zoom Events

Note: For access to the latest Zoom Events and Webinar features, we strongly recommend hosts to update to the latest version of the Zoom desktop client/mobile application.

How to access the Special Roles tab in Zoom Events

  1. Create a Zoom Event or edit an upcoming event to access the event setup.
  2. In the event creation flow navigation menu, click Special Roles.
    The Special Roles page will appear.

When you access the Special Roles page, you can view the following information about special-role users:

How to require special roles to authenticate upon joining

If authentication is required, special role users must sign in to their Zoom account that was invited to the event. If authentication is not required, the special role users can join the event without any authentication requirements.

Note: Interpreters are required to have a Zoom account and sign in.

  1. Access the Special Roles page in the event creation flow.
  2. At the top of the Special Roles page, select the Require alternative hosts and speaker roles to authenticate at time of join checkbox.

How to view and manage profile cards of special role users

You can view the profile cards of special role users. The profile cards display the attendee's email, authentication method, role(s), session(s), event access, and status. 

Note: When an attendee has a special role, you can edit the access the special role should have for your event.

  1. Access the Special Roles page in the event creation flow.
  2. Click the name of the attendee that you want to view.
  3. Use the following actions from the profile card:
    • Click Send Message to send the attendee a message.
      Note: You can send up to 2 messages to an individual registrant (including pre and post-event) per event. For drafted events, you cannot send messages to registrants.
    • Click Copy Join Link to copy the join link.
    • Click Resend Invitation. If a confirmation window appears, click Resend to confirm.
      Note: You can only resend an invitation for upcoming events. For drafted events, you cannot resend invitations to registrants.
    • Click Edit Attendee Permissions.
      You will be directed to the Ticketing tab to manage Attendee Access for Special Roles.

How to filter special roles

  1. Access the Special Roles page in the event creation flow.
  2. Click the All Role dropdown to filter by roles.
    You can filter by All Roles, Host, Speaker, Alternative Host, Panelist, Interpreter, Exhibitor, Expo, and Moderator.
  3. Click the Select Event Access dropdown to filter by ticket type.
    You can filter by Full attendee access or specific ticket types.

Once you choose your filter, the list of special roles will be filtered accordingly.

How to search special roles

  1. Access the Special Roles page in the event creation flow.
  2. In the search box, enter a special-role user’s name or email.
    Note: The search is also a fuzzy search, which matches an entered term closely instead of exactly. You can search by a partial name or email. Additionally, if you enter a few letters of a registrant’s name, you can view all emails that include those letters.

How to export a list of special roles

Hosts can download a list of special roles and export a CSV file for any Zoom Event. When hosts export special roles, the export will include the join link for each role and the authentication requirements for each link and special role user.

  1. Access the Special Roles page in the event creation flow.
  2. On the page, click Export to download a CSV file.

How to create direct join links for Zoom Events speakers

Zoom Events hosts can create a direct join link for their event’s speakers. The direct join link allows speakers to quickly join a session on the Zoom Events platform, even when they are not signed in, with any credentials.

Hosts can create direct join links for speakers 30 days before an event starts, allowing speakers to join 30 days before the event. The direct join link is intended to provide a significant amount of lead time for hosts and speakers to rehearse ahead of an event.

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