Pre-registering Zoom Events guests

Hosts can pre-register users by directly sending them emails with event join links when publishing an event. Pre-registration eliminates the need for attendees to register before joining a Zoom Event. After being pre-registered for an event by the host, attendees will receive join links in an email invitation when the event is published.

Hosts can control whether pre-registered guests will receive a join link, require registration, and receive email notifications. Hosts can also do the following actions:

This article covers:

Prerequisites for pre-registering Zoom Events guests

Note: For access to the latest Zoom Events and Webinar features, we strongly recommend hosts to update to the latest version of the Zoom desktop client/mobile application.

Limitations for pre-registering Zoom Events guests

Pre-registration has the following limitations:

How to pre-register Zoom Events guests

  1. In the Zoom Events creation flow, access the Manage Registrants page.
  2. Click the Registrants tab.
  3. Click Pre-register Guests.
    A panel will appear.
  4. In the panel, select from the following:
    • Select a Ticket Type: Use the dropdown menu to select the ticket type that users can register for. Users you add to the guest list can view and register for this ticket type.
      Note: If the host pre-registers guests for any event (paid or free), pre-registered users do have the option to purchase that ticket that the host selected; pre-registration means that the host registers the users and eliminates the need for users to purchase tickets.
    • Authentication for joining the event: Select the authentication method for your event.
      • Zoom account holders (Authenticate via Guests must sign in with their Zoom account.
      • Non-Zoom users (Fast join without upfront authentication): Anyone with the join link can access the event.
      • Signed in via external SSO: Guests must use an external SSO to sign in.
        • Click the Select External Authentication dropdown and select the external authentication method.
    • Do you want this guest to register for the event?: Select if you want pre-registered guests to register or join your event directly.
      • If you select Yes, registration forms will be sent to guests and geo-blocking will apply.
      • If you select No, registration forms will not be sent to guests, and guests will be able to join the event directly. Registration geo-blocking will not apply.
    • Do you want Zoom Events to send all email communications?:
      • Select Yes if you want Zoom Events to send out invitations, reminders, and transactional emails.
      • Select No if you want to send all email communications.
    • How many guests would you like to pre-register?: Select if you want to Add Single Guest or Import Multiple Guests from CSV.
      • To pre-register Single Guests:
        1. Complete all Guest Information fields.
        2. Click Register.
          The guest and their information will appear on the Manage Registrants page.
      • To pre-register Multiple Guests
        1. Download the sample CSV file.
        2. Enter and edit the information for your pre-registered guests.
        3. Save the CSV file.
        4. Drag and drop the CSV file or click Choose Files to upload your file.
        5. (Optional) Click Re-upload  to select another CSV file to upload.
        6. Click Register.
          The guests and their information will appear on the Manage Registrants page.

Pre-registered guests will have the Pre-register Invited registration status.