Information to consider for advanced SAML mapping

When configuring SAML Advanced Information Mapping, there are a number of items to consider for effective mapping to avoid unexpected results. You can review the information below regarding the section you are setting up to ensure desired outcomes.

Note: Some sections are dependent on their associated licensing types being tied to the account, for example, Zoom Translated Captions and Concurrent Licenses.

This article covers:

Information to consider that applies to all SAML Advanced Information Mapping sections

License Type

Add-on: Zoom Webinars / Large Meeting

License: Zoom Events

Add-on: Zoom Whiteboard

Zoom Revenue Accelerator

Add-on: Zoom Translated Captions

Add-on: Concurrent Meeting

Sign in to Sub Account

A page specific to primary/sub account should be created.

User Role

User Group

IM Group

Contact Group

User Group Admin

Zoom Phone Calling Plan

Zoom Phone Site


Zoom Room Admin

Recording Location