Using course-level publishing

With course-level publishing, instructors can quickly manage cloud recordings for a course, and bulk publish or unpublish recordings,

Prerequisites for using course-level publishing

How to enable course-level publishing

  1. Sign in to the Zoom Marketplace.
  2. Click Manage, then click Apps on Account.
  3. Find the LTI Pro App.
  4. Under theAction column, click the More icon, then clickConfigure.
  5. Find your LTI credentials and click Edit.
  6. Under LTI Credentials, ensure that Cloud Recording Link is enabled.
  7. Under Recordings Viewable to Students, choose All or Published Only as the default for instructors.
  8. Enable Course-Level Publishing

How to use course-level publishing as an instructor

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Recordings that are published when Publish All Recordings is disabled, will remained published until an instructor manually unpublishes the recordings.
  1. Log into the LMS as an instructor.
  2. Launch the Zoom LTI tool. 
  3. Navigate to Cloud Recordings
  4. (Optional) Above the list of recordings, enable Publish All Recordings to make all available recordings available to students.
    Note: If left disabled, there will be a Publish column in the recordings list for managing which recordings are published. Additionally, students will only be able to view recordings currently published.