Viewing insights in Zoom Revenue Accelerator conversations

When enabled by Zoom Revenue Accelerator admin, users can view insights in conversations.’s insights combine with Zoom Revenue Accelerator’s conversational intelligence to provide a unique, holistic view of buyer roles and level of engagement across all digital touch points.  This helps sellers grow pipeline, increase deal size, improve win rate, and shorten sales cycles.

Prerequisites for viewing insights in Zoom Revenue Accelerator conversations

How to view insights in Zoom Revenue Accelerator conversations

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Revenue Accelerator then Conversations.
  3. Click a conversation from the list to review the recording.
  4. Click the Participants tab.
  5. Hover over a participant's name then click View Insights.
    Note: View Insights is only available when viewing an external participant.
  6. In the Stakeholder Insights side panel section, the following tabs will appear:
    • Overview - Displays the contact’s information and Engagement Level wherein combines a variety of activity signals to calculate a stakeholder’s engagement level.
    • Connections - This tab shows the people in your organization who are connected to the target stakeholder.
    • Deals - This tab shows the historical deals in which the target stakeholder had engaged with your organization. The cards are displayed based on recency (top = the most recent deal).
  7. (Optional) Click Powered by People.Ai to open in a new tab.