Pre-registering Zoom Sessions attendees

Hosts can pre-register users by directly sending them emails with event join links when publishing an event. Pre-registration eliminates the need for attendees to register before joining a Zoom Sessions event. After being pre-registered for an event by the host, attendees will receive join links in an email invitation when the event is published.

Hosts can pre-register one or multiple email addresses for a Zoom Sessions event. Hosts can choose to issue a fast join link or the normal join link at pre-registration. Users of the normal join link will be directed to pass authentication upon joining the event. Users of the fast join link will skip authentication upon joining the event. Pre-registration users have access (registered) to all sessions. The join link opens the session while it's ongoing. When the session isn't occurring, the join link opens the lobby.

Hosts can control whether pre-registered attendees will receive a join link, require registration, and receive email notifications. Hosts can also do the following actions:

Prerequisites for pre-registering Zoom Sessions attendees

Note: For access to the latest Zoom Events and Webinar features, we strongly recommend hosts to update to the latest version of the Zoom desktop client/mobile application.

How to pre-register Zoom Sessions attendees

  1. In the Zoom Sessions event setup, access the Manage Registrants page.
  2. Click the Registrants tab.
  3. Click Pre-register attendees.
    A panel will appear.
  4. In the panel, select from the following:
    • (Optional) Require registration: Select if you want pre-registered attendees to register or join your event directly. After this checkbox is selected, registration forms will be sent to this attendee and geo-blocking will apply.
      If you select do not select this checkbox, registration forms will not be sent to attendees, and attendees will be able to join the event directly. Registration geo-blocking will not apply.
      Note: When this checkbox is selected, the Attendees will be required to authenticate at time of join checkbox will also automatically be selected.
    • (Optional) Attendees will be required to authenticate at registration: After selecting this checkbox, select the authentication method.
      The following features are available when attendees authenticate: chat, networking, profile, expo, and spot reservation.
      1. Click the dropdown menu to select the authentication method for the pre-registered attendee.
        Note: The authentication will impact how your registrants will identify themselves and will use restrictions on who can register for your event.
        • Sign in with a Zoom account or authenticate over email OTP: Users must sign in with their Zoom account and use a one-time password (OTP).
        • Sign in with Zoom: Users must sign in with their Zoom account.
        • Accelerate authentication via (vanity URL): If your organization has a vanity URL with Zoom, you can enable this option to direct attendees to the vanity URL (after attendees click the group join link) instead of Zoom's sign-in page to accelerate authentication.
        • Sign in to external Single Sign-On (SSO): Users must authenticate through a third-party authentication service.
          • Under Select IDP, use the dropdown menu to select the external authentication profile.
            Registrants/attendees will be taken to the host's identity provider (IDP) website for authentication before accessing the event page/event lobby. Additionally, the event’s join link will also direct users to the host's IDP website for authentication instead of asking them to sign in to Zoom.
            • The dropdown menu will be blank if no external SSO authentication profile is available in the host’s account.
            • A pre-join page will be enabled for attendees who joined without registration. 
      2. (Optional) Under Security at Join, select the following options:
        Note: This section will vary, depending on the authentication method you selected. Additionally, Zoom users must sign in to Zoom when joining the event.
        • Select the Require authentication checkbox.
          Attendees will be required to authenticate with the email that was used at registration when joining. Zoom users must authenticate themselves with an email verification code upon joining an event.
        • Select the Require additional authentication through a security code checkbox.
          Attendees will be required to confirm a one-time password (OTP) after authenticating when joining.
    • Who will send all email communications (invitation, reminder, and transactional emails)?:
      • Select Zoom Events if you want Zoom Events to send out invitations, reminders, and transactional emails.
      • Select I, as a host if you want to send all email communications.
    • How many attendees would you like to pre-register?: Select if you want to Add Single attendee or Import Multiple attendees from CSV.
      • To pre-register Single attendees:
        1. Complete all attendee Information fields.
        2. Click Register.
          The attendee and their information will appear on the Manage Registrants page.
      • To pre-register Multiple attendees:
        Note: The CSV format is the email address. The maximum file size must be less than 10MB. The new imports will be added to the existing records, duplicates will be skipped. 
        1. Download the sample CSV file.
        2. Enter and edit the information for your pre-registered attendees.
        3. Save the CSV file.
        4. Drag and drop the CSV file or click Choose Files to upload your file.
        5. (Optional) Click Re-upload  to select another CSV file to upload.
        6. Click Register.
          The attendees and their information will appear on the Manage Registrants page.

Pre-registered attendees will have the Pre-register Invited registration status.

Note: When the host pre-registers and allows non-Zoom guests to register for the event, the guests will be sent the Event Invitation email. The invitation email will contain a link to register, directing the guests to the registration page where they can register for a Zoom account authentication or guest authentication. This feature works for manually added registrants or registrants from a CSV list.