Viewing Auto Receptionist historical reports

The auto-receptionist (AR) historical report allows admins to view analytics for calls coming into their auto-receptionists. This report will enable you to view data such as the time frame users are reaching your auto-receptionist, the total number of internal and external calls coming to it, and its average call duration.

Prerequisites for viewing Auto Receptionist historical Reports

Note: Users that don't meet the prerequisites will still see Reports or Analytics & Reports in the navigation menu, but will not be able to access the Auto receptionist Historical Reports.

How to customize the auto receptionist historical report

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an admin.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Analytics & Reports.
  3. Click Auto Receptionist Historical Reports.
  4. Use the following to customize the data or view more details:
    • In the From and To box calendars, select a date range.
    • In the Department drop-down menu, select Department or Cost Center, then type the name of the department or cost center.
    • In the Site box, select Site (All) or a specific site, if you have multiple sites.
  5. In the Summary section, you can view the following:
    • IVR Avg. Duration: The average IVR time duration.
    • Within Business hours: The total number of internal and external calls received by the auto-receptionists during business hours.
    • After Hours: The total number of internal and external calls received by the auto-receptionists after business hours.
  6. In the Auto Receptionist routing section, click the drop-down arrow, then select Within Business hours or After Hours, to view the number and percentage breakdown for all calls from:
    • Interactive Voice Response.
    • Auto Receptionist.
    • Call queue.
    • Shared Line Group.
    • Contact Center.
    • External Contacts.
    • Phone Numbers.
    • Users.
    • Common Area.
    • Zoom Room.
    • Cisco/Polycom Room.
    • Voicemail.
    • Message.
  7. In the Percentage of IVR menu from customers’ inputs, view what end users input for the IVR menu. For example, for all the IVR calls, 24% of end users choose 1 on the IVR menu.
  8. In the top 25 Auto Receptionists section, click the drop-down arrow to sort your calls by:
    • Internal Call.
    • External Call.
    • Business Hours Call.
    • After Hours Call.
  9. (Optional) In the search box, enter the name or extension of the auto-receptionist you want to view.
  10. On the top right of that section, click Export All, to export the report as a CSV file.
  11. Click the settings icon , to adjust your view.