Managing Zoom Sessions Moderation

In the Zoom Sessions event setup, you can use the Moderation tab to manage reported incidents. A log of all moderation actions taken will be stored in the Moderation tab’s control panel.

Attendees can submit reports about offensive content to a Zoom Sessions’ event organizer, allowing them to take action on attendees’ reports during and after the event.

Learn more about creating a single-session event or recurring sessions event.


This article covers:

Prerequisites for managing the Zoom Sessions Moderation tab

How to access the Zoom Sessions Moderation tab

  1. Create a single-session event or recurring sessions event.
    You can also edit an upcoming event to access event setup.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Moderation.
    The Moderation page will appear.

How to view Zoom Sessions moderation

Monitor moderation

On the Moderation page, you can view and monitor:

View Summary

  1. Access the Moderation tab.
  2. In the top-right corner, click View Summary.
    A panel will appear.
  3. In the panel, view high-level information about:
    • Incident Reports
    • Instances of Removed Messages
    • Removed Users
    • Blocked Content

Filter moderation

  1. Access the Moderation tab.
  2. Click the following dropdowns and select how you want to filter moderation:
    • All Types: Filter by moderation type and select User or Content.
    • All Status: Filter by moderation status and select Open or Closed.
    • All Reasons: Filter by the reason of moderation and select from the reason options.
    • All Operation Logs: Filter by changes made by event organizers in the event and select the operation activity you want to filter.
  3. (Optional) To the right of the filter dropdowns, click Restore all filters to reset all filters.