Creating meeting breakout rooms from poll results

When hosting a meeting and wanting to split attendees based on certain criteria, the host can use participants' responses to polling in order to assign them into their appropriate breakout room. This can speed up the breakout room assignment process, or make it easier to group participants appropriately for further discussions. Hosts can also set a limit for how many participants are placed in each breakout room and move or exchange participants after launching the breakout rooms.

This article covers

Prerequisites for creating breakout rooms from poll results

Limitations for creating breakout rooms from poll results

How to create breakout rooms from poll results

Set up polls with the option to create breakout rooms

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Meetings.
  3. Click the name of the meeting you want to add a poll to or click the Schedule a Meeting button to schedule a new meeting.
  4. If you are editing an existing meeting, click the Polls/Quizzes tab. If you are scheduling a new meeting, click Save, then click the Polls/Quizzes tab.
  5. Click + Create
  6. Click the title Untitled Poll... to give the poll a name.
  7. Review the question types and configuration options, then select the question type for the first question.
    Note: The feature only works for single choice polling questions.
  8. Click the Create Breakout Rooms toggle to create breakout rooms in meetings based on participants' answer for a particular question.
    Note: This feature will not work if Require answers to be anonymous check box is selected. If your poll has multiple questions, you must toggle to enable Create Breakout Rooms for the specific question you wish to base the creation of the breakout room from.
  9. (Optional) Click + Add Question to add another question to the poll or quiz.
  10. (Optional) Click the preview icon to see a preview.
  11. (Optional) Click the ellipses icon at the top right to Save as draft.
  12. (Optional) Click Save to allow the poll to be started during meetings. 

Launch the breakout rooms from the poll results

  1. During your meeting, launch the poll for participants to respond to.
  2. Once you would like to stop the poll, click End Poll.
  3. From the Polls/Quizzes results window, click Create Breakout Rooms.
    Note: If your poll has multiple questions, you must click the Create Breakout Rooms button for the specific question you wish to base the creation of the breakout room from
  4. (Optional) In the Create Breakout Rooms window, you can decide how many participants you want in each breakout room. You can manually move participants around after you create the rooms.
  5. Click Create.
  6. (Optional) Hover on a participant’s name then click Move to or Exchange
  7. Click Open All Rooms.