Getting started with Zoom Virtual Agent

Zoom Virtual Agent is a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot solution that works around-the-clock on multiple customer support channels to deliver fast and personalized customer experiences, reduce call volumes to human agents, and drive significant operational efficiencies.

With Zoom Virtual Agent, customers can expect answers at any time of the day, and businesses can see immediate results for their support operations as it deploys fast and reduces workload for live agents.

Zoom Virtual Agent is available as a standalone offering and as an add-on to Zoom Contact Center.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for using Zoom Virtual Agent

How to add or update other users to administer Zoom Virtual Agent

Enable other users to help administer the Zoom Virtual Agent.

How to create a chatbot

  1. Add intents to better understand the customer's query.
  2. Create an intent group to improve the accuracy of intents.
  3. Create a knowledge base manually, through a CRM API, or by crawling a site.
  4. Create a chatbot.
  5. Create a bot flow using the bot flow editor.
  6. Test your chatbot.

How to deploy a chatbot

Add a campaign to help you manage access and customize the design of your bot.