Viewing the Zoom Revenue Accelerator Dashboard

The Zoom Revenue Accelerator Dashboard helps you prepare for your upcoming conversations faster, track key opportunities, understand trends in your conversation performance, and stay up to date on the latest on the platform. Customizable sections, such as conversational metrics and indicators, are included in the enhanced Dashboard experience. Non-customizable sections include upcoming meetings for the day, open deals, and the notification center.

This article covers

Prerequisites for viewing the Zoom Revenue Accelerator Dashboard

How to access the Zoom Revenue Accelerator Dashboard

You can access the Zoom Revenue Accelerator Dashboard via the web portal and the desktop client.

From the Zoom web portal

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Revenue Accelerator then Dashboard.

From the Zoom desktop client

To access Zoom Revenue Accelerator from your desktop client, you must be on client version 5.12.6 or higher.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. In the top navigation menu, click Revenue then Dashboard
    If Revenue is not listed in the top navigation menu, click More  then Revenue.

Zoom Revenue Accelerator Dashboard main areas definition

The data you see in the Dashboard varies depending on your Zoom Revenue Accelerator role.

Here are the main areas available:

Upcoming Conversations

Displays all your upcoming meetings including customer, deal, last conversation, and next steps. If you are the meeting host, you can easily click the Record with Revenue Accelerator toggle to enable or disable it.

Note: Zoom Revenue Accelerator calendar integration must be enabled and configured.


Displays Zoom Revenue Accelerator-related activities such as new comments/mentions in conversations and playlist updates.

My Open Deals

Displays outstanding deals organized by the deal close date, last activity, or deal size.

My Performance

Displays conversational metrics based on recent conversations as well as the change relative to the previous time period.  

You can select a time window and the conversational metrics you’d like displayed including: 

Subscribed Indicators

Displays your most mentioned indicators in the last 30 days. Indicators that appear in less than 3 conversations in the given time period are excluded from this graphic. The chart is refreshed on a daily basis. Learn more about subscribing to Indicators.