Managing SAML for Zoom Sessions

Account owners and admins can use advanced SAML mapping to designate Zoom Sessions licenses and add-ons based on a value being passed using SAML. This allows you to have certain users receive a license during sign-in, while other users will be Basic (non-licensed) users after sign-in. This allows account owners or admins to assign a Zoom Sessions license or Zoom Sessions Pay Per Attendee license to users responsible for running events, so the users can manage the event space for their own groups.

Account owners and admins can also easily transfer a Zoom Sessions license and all hub data from one active user on the account to another user through User Management on the web portal.

Prerequisites for managing SAML Zoom Sessions licensing

How to manage SAML Zoom Sessions licensing

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal as an admin with the privilege to edit account settings.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Advanced then Single Sign-On.
  3. Click the SAML Response Mapping tab.
  4. Under SAML Advanced Information Mapping, by License: Zoom Sessions, click Add.
  5. Enter the SAML Attribute, SAML Value and Resulting Value. You can add multiple SAML Attributes and/or values if you want to designate different groups of users to receive different results.
    1. SAML Attribute: Enter the attribute name being passed by your IdP.
    2. SAML Value: Enter the value being passed by your IdP for this specific user or group of users.
      Note: This value is not case-sensitive. For example, ABC and abc will be treated as the same value.
    3. Resulting Value: Click the Select license dropdown and select how you want this user assigned in Zoom Sessions based on the SAML value.
  6. Add additional SAML mappings by clicking Add.
  7. Click Save Changes.