Transferring a Zoom Contact Center voice engagement

Agents can transfer an active voice engagement to the following:

After transferring to Zoom Phone, you will be prompted to add a disposition to the engagement.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for transferring a voice engagement


How to transfer a voice engagement

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click the Contact Center tab.
  3. Answer a voice engagement.
  4. Click Transfer in the voice call controls.
  5. Under Transfer to, follow one of these options:
    • Number pad: Dial an external number using the on-screen or your keyboard number pad, then click the phone icon.
    • Copy and paste: Copy and paste a number in the text field.
    • Search contacts: Type a name or number above the dial pad to search Zoom Contact Center users, Zoom Phone users, address book contacts, queues, and flows. Click a search result to transfer the call. 
    • If the contact has several phone numbers, click the right arrow icon to view and select the number to call.
    • If the contact is another agent that belongs to several voice queues, click the right arrow icon to view and select the voice queue that the engagement will be assigned to.
    • Search results for Zoom Phone users will display users' Zoom profile picture, presence status, display name, and extension number.
    • Search results for Zoom Contact Center agents will display agents’ Zoom profile name, Zoom Contact Center profile picture as set by the admin, and availability status. Admins can set a Zoom Contact Center profile picture and display name that's separate from their Zoom profile picture.
    • If you transfer to a flow, Zoom Contact Center will not provide an automated announcement that notifies the consumer they are being routed to another flow. Admins can use the Send Media widget to configure a flow to play an announcement.
  6. Click the transfer icon , then select a transfer method:
    • Direct Transfer: Transfers the call, then immediately hangs up your call. If there are any phone menu prompts, the other party will have to complete them.
      • This is the only available option when transferring to a flow.
      • If the receiving agent doesn't accept the inbound notification, the engagement will end.
    • Warm Transfer: Places your call on hold while you complete the transfer. This option is useful if you want to navigate a queue’s automated answering machine for the caller or if you want to speak to the receiving agent before your call is transferred.
    • Transfer to Voicemail Inbox (when transferring to Zoom Contact Center agent): Transfer to the agent's voicemail inbox. Select an inbox to transfer to, then click Transfer.
    • Transfer to Voicemail Inbox (when transferring to Zoom Phone user): Transfer to the Zoom Phone user's voicemail inbox. Select an inbox to transfer to, then click Transfer.
      Note: To enable this feature, submit a request to Zoom Support.
  7. If you transferred the engagement to an external party, Zoom Phone user, Zoom Phone call queue, or Zoom Phone voicemail, add a disposition.

Caller ID name and number used after transferring a voice engagement