Advance notice of end of support for Zoom Rooms Controller on iOS 10

Zoom strives to provide frictionless and secure video communications empowering people to accomplish more.  As part of our commitments to quality and security, Zoom Rooms iPad Controller version 5.13.5 is the final version that will support Apple iOS 10.x.

Apple devices running Apple iOS 10.x will be unable to upgrade to or install the Zoom Rooms Controller app for iPad after version 5.13.5.  There are no exceptions possible; Apple App Store policies will prevent iPads running iOS 10.x or less from upgrading to or installing Zoom Rooms Controller for iPad after version 5.13.5.

The end of support for Zoom Rooms Controller for iPad iOS 10.x most strongly affects the following iPad models, which cannot upgrade past 10.x:


Introduction Date

Hardware Models

Apple Support Status

Last supported iOS release

iPad (Gen 4)







Apple considers all of these models “obsolete” (see Obtaining service for your Apple product after an expired warranty) and no longer provides service for these devices.

This article covers:


Apple recently announced that starting April, 2023, applications submitted to the Apple App Store must be built with Apple Xcode 14.1.  Since Apple XCode 14.0, Xcode no longer supports building applications for OS releases older than iOS 11.  Therefore, new Zoom Rooms iPad Controller application releases will no longer support iOS 10.x starting April, 2023.

Zoom Rooms Controller 5.13.5 Release Timeline

Zoom plans to release Zoom Rooms Controller for iPad 5.13.5 in January, 2023.  On this date the application will be available via the Apple App Store.

How can I check the iOS version of my deployed iPad(s)?

Customers may verify the current iOS version from the Zoom admin portal by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Click Device Management then Device List.
  3. Change the filter All Platform OS to iOS.
  4. Review devices, including Device Name and Zoom Room Assignment.
  5. (Optional) click Export to export a list of devices to CSV for further processing.

How can I check if I have an iPad that cannot upgrade beyond iOS 10.3.4?

See Identify your iPad Model on Apple’s support website and compare the hardware model to the list of hardware models in the table above.

What does this mean for iPads that cannot upgrade past iOS 10.3.4?  Can I continue to use Zoom Rooms iPad Controller version 5.1.5 on my iPad?

The aforementioned iPad models will be unable to upgrade to iOS greater than 10.3.4, and therefore will be blocked from installing Zoom Rooms iPad Controller updates after 5.1.5.  They may continue to use Zoom Rooms Controller for iPad 5.13.5.  However, should any disruption occur that causes you to uninstall the app, or factory reset your device (therefore erasing the app), you may not be able to access Zoom Rooms Controller for iPad 5.13.5 from the Apple AppStore to reinstall.

Zoom Rooms iPad Controller version 5.13.5, the last version offering support for iOS 10.x, will eventually reach the end of support according to the Zoom Software Quarterly Lifecycle Policy.  The forecast date for end of support is November, 2023 (subject to change).  After this date (subject to change), Zoom Rooms iPad Controller versions 5.13.5 and earlier will stop operating and show a notification message instructing the administrator to transition to an alternative hardware platform supported by Zoom Rooms Controller app as soon as possible.

What should I do?

Zoom recommends examining iPads deployed as Zoom Room Controllers, Zoom Scheduling Displays or Zoom Rooms for Touch devices in your Zoom account to determine the device models in your deployment. Zoom then recommends the following course of action, based on device capabilities:

Recommended migration options