Adding table to the whiteboard

Zoom Whiteboard provides users with table control options to easily organize, group, sort, and scale whiteboard content. Adding a table in whiteboard allows users to arrange data in rows and columns to help them collect and analyze information easily.

Note: Inserting a table is only available with out-of-meeting whiteboard.

This article covers:

Prerequisites for adding a table in Zoom Whiteboard

How to insert a table on whiteboard

  1. Create or open a whiteboard.
  2. In the toolbar on the left side of the screen, click the More Tools icon  .
  3. Select Table.
  4. Use the scroll bar to view all the table templates and then select the type of table you want to use.

    Your cursor will change into a table icon  .

  5. Click anywhere on canvas to insert the selected table.

How to manage a table in whiteboard

Table placement will be on the back layer of the whiteboard. You can perform the following actions on tables:

Move table

Hover your cursor anywhere around the table until it changes to a pointing hand. Drag the table anywhere on canvas to move it.

Alternatively, you can hover your cursor to the upper left corner of the table until the four-arrow icon  appears. Click and drag the table anywhere on canvas to move it.

Resize table and cells

Enter and format text

  1. To enter text, click (or tap on a Touch device) in a cell.
  2. Enter your text.

    Text entered into the header row will default to Bold font. Text in all other rows will default to Regular font.

  3. To edit text, select the Text Format icon .
    The Format bar will display.

  4. Use the options to format your text.

Manage rows

Manage columns

Lock table

Add colors

More menu


Note: Adding shapes to tables is not supported at this time.