Frequently asked questions about Essential Apps


What are the Essential Apps?

Zoom-curated Essential Apps help manage and grow your business with apps that take meeting notes, engage your team, and capture insights to improve customer conversations. Essential Apps include premium versions of Zoom Apps, apps that are embedded into the Zoom Meeting experience, and are included in Zoom Workplace Pro, Business, and Business Plus plans at no cost for 1 year after app activation. Terms apply.

After the first year, customers will be able to continue with the premium version of any app by upgrading directly through the app’s website. Customers who do not upgrade will be automatically downgraded and can continue to enjoy the free versions of these apps.

Where can someone find more information about each app part of Essential Apps?

Visit the Zoom-curated Essential Apps page to learn more about how it can benefit you and your business.

The following apps are included in Zoom-curated Essential Apps organized by groupings below:

Productivity and Collaboration

Coda, Prezi, Read, Sesh, and Fathom

Team Activities & Workshops

Kahoot!, Funtivity, Twine, and Welo

Sales & Customer Relationships


Are customers able to customize which apps are a part of Essential Apps?

At this time Zoom- curated Essential Apps are not customizable. The included apps have been curated by Zoom based on customer research that identified ways to help manage and grow their business with apps for those who use Zoom Workplace Pro, Business, and Business Plus plans.

Can the Essential Apps offering change throughout the program’s duration?

Zoom retains the right to remove, replace, and/or add new apps to Zoom-curated Essential Apps.

How does the 1-year offer period work?

Access to each of the Essential Apps, with the exception of Coda, begins upon the app's activation by the individual user and expires 1 year thereafter. Access to Coda for all users on the same Zoom account begins upon the first activation of Coda by any user on the same Zoom account and expires for all users on that Zoom account 1 year thereafter, regardless of the initial date of activation by subsequent users on the same Zoom account.

Can a customer upgrade to an app’s higher tier offering, and if so, when?

Yes, a customer can choose to upgrade to a higher-tier offering of any Essential App during or after the one year offer period within the app’s platform. The customer would have to purchase the upgraded offering outside of the Essential Apps offering on the app website.


Which customers will be eligible for Essential Apps?

New or existing customers that purchase or upgrade to Zoom Workplace Pro, Business, and Business Plus plans through the Zoom website ( are eligible for Essential Apps. All Licensed users on those accounts can access Essential Apps through the App Marketplace. Customers who have purchased an Education plan online are not eligible.

Are Essential Apps included as part of Zoom Workplace free trials?

No, Zoom Workplace free trials do not include access to Essential Apps. Once a customer’s paid plan begins after their free trial period, access will be available to the Essential Apps to activate for the included one year period.

Are Essential Apps available internationally?

Yes, Essential Apps will be available for all customers with a Zoom Workplace Pro, Business, and Business Plus purchased or upgraded through the Zoom website ( Zoom Apps will only be available in English. We currently offer the non-localized English versions of the curated apps in all supported App Marketplace locales.

Will a Zoom Workplace customer whose plan is currently paused continue to be eligible for Essential Apps?

Paused subscriptions are not eligible for Essential Apps access. Eligibility will resume once the plan is unpaused.

Will a customer lose access to the premium versions of the included apps if their plan is canceled or their license is reassigned?

Reassignment or cancellation of a user's eligible license or subscription will end access to Essential Apps for that user, regardless if there is time remaining on the 1 year access period.

Product Experience

Is Zoom responsible for handling customer support for each app?

Each app provider included in Essential Apps is responsible for providing customer service and support for their app.

What can customers expect after the 1-year offer period is completed?

At the end of the offer period, customers will be able to purchase an app’s premium tier directly through the respective app’s platform. If a customer chooses not to purchase ongoing access to an app’s premium tier, they will be downgraded to the free version of the app’s tiered offering automatically.

Can I control whether the new in-meeting vertical App Dock is displayed? Can I control which apps are listed there? 

Currently, only users with access to the Essential Apps package can see and use the App Dock. This slim toolbar on the right-side of the meeting window provides quick access to Essential Apps and other apps during a meeting. This dock can be customized with more or fewer apps, as well as controlling the visibility of the App Dock. Learn how to customize the app dock.

Are Essential Apps available on the Zoom mobile app for Android and iOS?

Essential Apps are not currently supported on mobile devices.

Are Essential Apps available in the web version of Zoom?

Essential Apps are not currently supported in the web version of Zoom.