Managing the VDI plugin version

Zoom VDI Plugin Management’s default behavior is to install or update the user’s computer to the most recent version of the VDI plugin that is compatible with the VDI Zoom Meeting client. That version will usually be the same as the VDI Zoom Meeting client version but could be a slightly older version if the meeting client has a more recent patch release (which does not include new VDI plugins).

It is possible to also define a specific version of the VDI plugin that should be installed. This option has been provided for administrators with deployment concerns where the version of all software, even a VDI plugin installed on a remote user’s computer, needs to be more controlled.

Prerequisites for managing the VDI plugin version


How to manage the VDI plugin version

To enforce a specific version of the VDI plugin that should be installed, an additional policy can be added to the virtual desktop. The following provides the format for the registry key required.

Key: SOFTWARE\Policies\Zoom\Zoom Meetings\VDI
Value: AutoUpdatePluginVersion
Value Type: String Value (REG_SZ)
Value Description: Example "5.11.0", plugin release version

Note: Some restrictions and limitations apply when specifying a VDI plugin version.