Sharing content in Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms allow multiple methods of sharing content in and out of meetings. Review the different options available and determine which will be most effective for your situation. 

Sharing method comparison

 Direct shareshare.zoom.usAirplayHDMI
Specific applicationNoNo
PPT/Keynote presenter mode with notesNoNo
(extended desktop)


Maximum resolution and framerate

 Direct shareshare.zoom.usAirplayHDMI
Screen content720p/30
4k/10 (PC ZR)
4k/10 (Windows ZR)
1080p/30 720p/30
Video content720p/30 720p/30 720p/30 


Video source (camera)1080p/301080p/301080p/301080p/30**

*Requires the Optimize Full-screen Video Sharing screen share setting to be enabled on the room controller and a wired HDMI sharing capture card supporting 60fps capture. Supported on Win/Mac for Zoom Rooms version 5.14.0 or higher
**Zoom Rooms Appliance HDMI-input video is capable of 1080p/30 if the Optimize Full-screen Video Sharing screen share setting is enabled on the room controller. When this setting is disabled, the maximum is 1080p/15.

Note: Both video and audio will be disabled on your laptop or mobile device by default when initiating a screen share from the Zoom Room controller.

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